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Our Beer

Our beer is made from pure mountain water, blended with the finest selection of malt, hops and yeast to produce beers of exceptional taste and quality.  The malted grains are made into an infusion, boiled up with hops, and fermented.

Some beers are fermented quickly and mature in a matter of weeks (ales, wheat beers and stouts) whilst others have weeks of fermentation and several months maturation.

We chose to take on the old butter factory site in Mirboo North, Gippsland for good reason – its abundant supply of natural water – purity and mineral balance of the water is an essential key to making great beer and that is just what this beautiful part of the world offers us.

A good beer is judged by its aroma, flavour and finish.  The beer should look good, smell clean and fresh and taste pleasantly distinctive.

We are proud to announce we have received our Kosher certification.  You can look forward to seeing the symbol on all our beers progressively in the future!

Heavy Beers


A classic Belgian style blonde wheat beer. It is naturally cloudy using Australia’s premium wheat, malt, and coriander. Natural orange peel used in the brewing process lets luscious hints of citrus seep through what is believed to be Australia’s most delicious blonde head. Awarded 2 medals at the Australian and International beer awards 2002. Winner of Australia’s best wheat beer in 2002 and 2003. In 2003 it won 4 medals including world’s best draught wheat beer and more in 2005 -2011. A great accompaniment to Thai food, curries, barbeques and an exceptional balcony beer. World’s best wheat beer 2010 UK Beer Awards.


Beer in true European style. Light straw in colour, with delicate floral aroma achieved using 100% single malted barley since 1992, Czechoslovakian saaz hops and cold fermentation. A great accompaniment to a light meal. Superb with chicken or fish along with any salad. This also makes a great light beer batter or just enjoy on its own on a hot summer’s day. Winner of Australia’s best Lager at the National Festival of beers and numerous international medals at the Australian International Beer Awards. 2008 Champion Australian Pilsener and many more.


 This cloudy golden ale has a substantial proportion of wheat to impart a thirst-quenching tartness on the palate. It is unfiltered and unpasteurised so as to retain the passionfruit aroma and flavour from dry hopping with new season Galaxy hops. Its lower alcohol percentage makes it a very sessionable beer.

PALE ALE    4.7%

 This full-strength American style pale ale pours a brilliant clear pale gold in the glass. It is subtly hopped with some of the newest Australian hops - Ella, Topaz and Enigma –providing a fresh take on classic floral, spicy and fruity notes. The lingering dry finish leaves you wanting more.


An Australian style bitter ale with a deeply delicious full malt flavour and pleasant hop bitterness from Tasmanian and New Zealand hops. An easy drinking and thirst quenching beer. The owner’s favourite, this great ale won Australia’s best ale in 2001 at the National Festival of Beers for the second time along with numerous International medals including 3 Gold in 2003 and the Premiers Trophy for Victoria’s Best Beer. More awards in 2005-2010. Excellent with all steaks, roast lamb and Aussie game meats. Top with Shitake mushrooms seared in this great ale for a real treat.


A full flavoured creamy Australian style stout with delicate chocolate and liquorice flavours from the combination of pure malts. It is very easy on the palate with moderate alcohol content. An exceptional cold weather beer served at cellar temperature. Winner of the Champion Beer at the 1997 Australian and International Beer awards, Small Brewery Section and Best Exhibit in Class 34 in 2000. Winner of Australia’s best Stout at the National Festival of beers 2001 for the second time and a long list of International medals continuing to 2011 with 2 medals for both bottled and draught products.  Perfect for beef and Hatlifter pie and all stews and casseroles. Also very popular with many Asian dishes.

Light Beers


A thirst quenching lager with origins from the Pilsener style.  Brewed specifically for the Australian palate and the great Aussie BBQ. Crisp, refreshing and surprisingly full bodied light beer. Medal winner in 2012 at the Australian International Beer Awards.

Dessert Beers


Extra strong pure malt beer in the style of scotch ale or barley wine. Brewed from a wort having an original gravity of 1080. A true connoisseur’s beer, best sipped after dinner not too cold. Expect deep, warm and rich malt flavours. The winner of highest scoring dark ale at the Australian and International Beer Awards 2001 and also a previous winner of Australia’s best Dark Ale at The National Festival of Beers. Winner of the Premiers trophy for best Victorian beer in 2002 and also Worlds Best Specialty Beer at the 2002 Australian and International beer awards along with years of International medals. Enjoy with a lover and chocolates of the highest calibre. Gold medalist 2004. Dual Silver medalist 2005 and more in 2006-2011 with 2 medals in 2011 for both bottled and draught products. Think sticky date pudding, mud cake, oysters or reduce and pour over rich vanilla ice cream.


The Grandfather of Moonshine. This silky smooth scotch ale is believed to be the strongest bottled beer from Australia. Intense, yet beautifully smooth malt flavours will awaken the taste buds and delight the lovers of rich smooth dark ales and barley wines alike. Winner of 9 International medals including best of class trophy in 2003 and GOLD in 2004. 2005 brought dual gold, the premier’s trophy and best in class in the world. This has been followed by more medals in 2006-2010 again. Best enjoyed as the finale after tasting the full range of Grand Ridge pure beers. Excellent with rich plum puddings, mud cake and burnt caramel sauce. Please be careful when tasting the full range or drinking the stronger beers not to drive at all.


A simultaneously subtle and complex rich stout with the sweetness of vanilla and a touch of heat from red chili. The sweetness driven from our top quality malts makes this beer a perfect companion for rich roast meats, like venison, kangaroo and lamb. Alternatively serve it as a dessert beer with a rich pudding or chocolate fondant.

Limited Release Beers

WHOA - Wet Hopped Oatmeal Ale 4.5%  

 A highly sessionable Golden Ale fresh from the harvest of our home grown hops.

An enticing aroma of freshly cut grass and stone fruits excite the senses while golden toasted oats deliver a smooth and well rounded flavour. The resins from the wet hop perfectly balance the palate resulting in a clean crisp finish.

Winner of 2 medals in its first showing in 2011 for both bottled and draught products and again in 2012.